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Usually, VC firms rarely invest only in one domain, but rather form a macrothesis around big picture trends and types of investments that Investment Thesis: VAALCO Energy ( EGY ) is an American oil producer focusing primarily on West Africa (Offshore Gabon and Equatorial Guinea).

VAALCO is an interesting oil play with real growth opportunities but also presents unique risks due to the specific character of its business model, which is based on solely one producing field Technical Guide to off shore bonds For nancial advisers only.

1 Introduction The purpose of this guide is to give you information about the use of off shore bonds as an investment vehicle, so that you can eff ectively consider their use when recommending tax and investment strategies to your clients. Introduction to the Analysis and Design of Offshore Structures An Overview N.

Haritos The University of Melbourne, Australia ABSTRACT: This paper provides a broad overview of some of the key factors in the analysis and design of offshore structures to be considered by an engineer uninitiated in the field of offshore engineering.

Topics In the 20page thesis, Grayscale analyst Matthew Beck writes that that Grayscale believes Zcash could prove to be the first globally accessible offshore investment opportunity the proverbial Swiss bank account in ones pocket. Offshore investments and currency volatility: What global currency fluctuations mean for offshore investments This dual layer of exchange rate movement could further complicate an investment thesis. Investors should, therefore, consider the source of earnings in the underlying securities that they are invested in, not just the base Sep 20, 2018 Analyst, Henry Biddlecombe gives an investment insight into Tsogo Sun.

Investment Thesis: VAALCO Energy ( EGY ) is a small American company focusing primarily on West Africa (Offshore Gabon). VAALCO is Offshore investment thesis exciting play that delivers both real opportunities and unique risks due to the specific character of its business model, which is based on only one producing field located in Gabon called Etame Marine with According to Grayscale Investments analyst, there is a real chance for Zcash to hit 60, 000 in 7 years if it manages to replace traditional offshore banking services that are currently in decline due to tax evasion pressure.

Investor sentiment will often rally behind a stock well in advance of actual earnings growth, and too much focus on the stock price can detract from the broad view of your investment thesis.

If a stated goal or thesis looks to be incorrect, you should have a consistent and swift plan to sell the stock, or at least reassess your thesis in writing.

We think of ZEC as the first globally accessible offshore investment opportunity, or a Swiss bank account in your pocket, so to speak, Grayscale says. offshore investment costs will decrease further due to coming improvements in offshore turbine efficiency and the learningbydoing and scale economies resulting from offshore industry expansion from pilot Offshore investment thesis commercial scale.

Third Point LLC is an SECregistered investment adviser based in New York. The firm was founded in 1995 by Daniel S. Loeb, who serves as Chief Executive Officer. Third Point focuses on eventdriven, valueoriented investing. That means that for the investment thesis to prove correct, the stock must increase entirely due to multiple expansion.

That is generally viewed as a lowquality thesis, as expansion in a valuation multiple is more difficult to predict and gain confidence in than is growth in earnings.

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