How to write half word in hindi

Which Is the Simplest Way to Type Hindi in MS Word If you are from India and want to type applications, articles, and other formal or informal letters in Indian language, i. e. Hindi, you have Type x after the character to get its halfcharacter. Create Word documents, Presentations, Excel Sheets or write emails in Hindi on your Windows PC. Download. Hindi Keyboard App. Send Emails, post Facebook updates and send messages on Whatsapp in Hindi on your Android phone. Apr 24, 2016  How to write half letters on the Hindi keyboard (,) type half letters in Hindi on the Hindi keyboard Learn To Write Hindi Alphabets Step By Write half letters in Hindi using Mangal If you are using the Mangal Font for writing Hindi, you might have to learn how to use the half letters that are often used in Hindi writing.

It is not that all difficult to make half letters in Mangal How can I type Hindi half letters on mobile keyboards? Update Cancel. The Best way to Type HINDI half letter on mobile phone as per my opinion is How can I write half letters on the Hindi keyboard on laptop?

How do I type pra in Hindi keyboard? Originally Answered: How can I write half letters in Hindi on a keyboard? I am assuming that you are talking about an android mobile keyboard. To type Hindi Devnagari letters, first you need to download google Indic Keyboard from the playstore.

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