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GCSE ICT Edexcel GCSE ICT Students (years 9 11) study the Edexcel GCSE ICT course. Students study this course four periods a fortnight as an option subject. GCSE units at the end of the course in June 2014. 1. 2 What does control actually mean?

QCA has produced a Glossary of terms for Controlled Assessment regulations. The levels of Guide to Controlled Assessment in GCSE ICT. GCSE Coursework. Unit 2 is your coursework (60) You have until Christmas to get this finished. You are welcome to use the ICT rooms at any time. Mar 28, 2013  I go through tasks in a sample Edexcel spreadsheet exam.

This is for the IGCSE ICT Edexcel exam in preparation for the exam in Course Title Edexcel GCSE ICT Year Group 11 Course Description and Content: The Edexcel G CSE ICT course consists of two units one is an exam and the other coursework.

The two units are stated below and a brief description of each unit is Spreadsheets are a type of software for handling large amounts of data, often numerical.

They consist of a grid of cells, although a spreadsheet files often contain more than one sheet. A cell is where a row and column cross to make a box for you to enter data in. A GCSE ICT coursework checklist for the PROM CAB.

To be used ONLY by the teacher for checking students work against expectations. GCSE Information& Communication Technology Coursework Portfolio: Communication, Spreadsheets and Databases. Coursework Guidance and Mark S Dec 31, 2008  I'd really appreciate it if any of you could read through and give me some ideas on what to do on my spreadsheet. I've attached a plan which I've half completed, which includes identifying the user, analysing the software& hardware, designing the spreadsheet (including initial and final designs), testing it and evaluating the CCEA GCSE ICT Resources.

Unit 1 Task 2 Spreadsheet Controlled Assessment Pack. 28. 99 Site Licence: download sample paullong. net sells Resources to support the controlled assessment for the new GCSE CCEA ICT specification. Course Companions and Practice Papers can be purchased from Zig Zags website take me GCSE ICT Controlled Assessment Handbook Proms.

1 Introduction Proms are popular events in many schools. You are starting a new company that organises proms. In this CAB you will: decide on a name for the company Model: create a spreadsheet model for organising a prom. he might not know how to use a spreadsheet; it could be quicker to do this particular task by hand rather than set up a spreadsheet.

4. Describe three rights given to data subjects by the 1998 Data Protection Act. (3) Get a copy of any data held about them. Have data deleted.

Get compensation for problems caused by any wrong data. To help with the Spreadsheet modelling section of this years GCSE CA Prom. I made this to aid my higher ability students with guidance to VLookups, Drop downs etc. How spreadsheets work. A spreadsheet appears as a grid, each row has its own number and each column its own letter. This labelling of rows and columns is used to give There are two main types of formula that you can use in a spreadsheet: logic and mathematical functions.

Logic functions help the spreadsheet decide how to act, e. g. the IF function. Mathematical functions use data in the spreadsheet to calculate numerical answers, e. g. the SUM function.

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