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FOR TEACHERS ONLY The University of the State of New York REGENTS HIGH SCHOOL EXAMINATION GLOBAL HISTORY ContentSpecific Rubric Thematic EssayJune 2006 Scoring Notes: include the Crusades, the French Revolution, World War I, the Russian Revolution, the Chinese civil war, the partition the crusades.

The Crusades DBQ The Crusades were a Holy War which was fought between 1905 and 1921 and between Christians and Muslims. It was the movement that caused many in Europe to respond to Pope Urban IIs plea for The importance placed on the Crusades in Europe is a direct reflection of the fear of Islam at the time, and its overwhelming presence as a superior civilization and power. And this idea survived until at least the beginning of this Crusades DBQ The Crusades The Crusades: series of wars by Western European Christians to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims.

(Encarta Crusades) The Crusades first began in 1096 and ended in the late 13th century. The Crusades were a series of political and military conquests led by the Catholic Church to gain back the Holy Lands The Crusades Dbq Essay introduction.

There were four crusades of the Middle Ages and the Childrens Crusade. Crusades DBQ Proof that religious motivation was a cause for the crusades is shown through many of these documents. First, document one contains such quotes as, " Christ commands it"" ? concerns you and God"and" ?

preserve the right of church" A questionspecific rubric For Part III B(DBQ) essay: A contentspecific rubric Part A Specific Rubric DocumentBased QuestionJune 2009 The manorial system, widespread in the West from Charlemagnes time onward, was not at first States an economic change brought about by the Crusades during the medieval period as t s t CATEGORY 5 Excellent 4 Very Good 3 Average 2 Below Standards 1 Serious Improvement Needed Introduction Includes a strong introduction, with 46 sentences that goes beyond a simple restatement of the historical context.

Provides a clear thesis statement that DBQ Question: Some scholars have argued that those who went off on the various and many Crusades to the Holy Land (Jerusalem) were motivated primarily by greed and lust for wealth (land and" booty" ).

The crusades are a series of nine Holy wars that lasted about 200 years. In 1096, serfs, knights, lords, and the pope were a part of the crusades.

Later ended in 115 years making the year 1291. The crusades were a fight for Holy Land between the Christians in Europe and the Muslims in the Middle East. DQ FOUS: rusades Were the Crusades caused primarily by religious devotion or by the desire for political and economic gain?

Question Documentased Question Format Directions: The Crusades dbq essay rubric question is based on the accompanying Documents (The documents have The crusades are a series of nine Holy wars that lasted about 200 years Impact of the Crusades DBQ introduction. In 1096, serfs, knights, lords, and the pope were a part of the crusades.

In 1096, serfs, knights, lords, and the pope were a part of the crusades. essay in which you: Explain the results of the crusades on the world. Explain both positive and negative results. Use at least 6 documents in your response. Be sure to include specific historical details. Your essay must also include additional information from your knowledge of world history.

View Essay History Crusades DBQ Essay from HISTORY AP Europea at Loveless Academic Magnet Prog High Sch. Jessie C. Ms. Murphy AP European History 7 4 September 2013 Religion behind the European The rubrics for the AP History DocumentBased Question (DBQ) and Long Essay Question (LEQ) have been modified for the school year, using feedback received from AP teachers and Readers and in tandem with recently announced changes to the Course and

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