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Quizzes Quiz Personality Quiz Celebrities EXO Kpop SuperstarEnglish Follow By continuing to use the Playbuzz Platform, you agree to the use of cookies. Luhan Personality Analysis. Luhan has so many admirable personality traits, I dont even know where to start. Lets the start with the easy stuff: Luhan is the complete package, the triple threat, the star. His killer vocals, disastrously beautiful looks, brilliant dancing and praiseworthy acting.

He is probably the closest Chinese member to all the K members. They may find it annoying sometimes but Luhan never stops to budge in. The fact that his Korean is better than all the other Chinese members says a lot about his personality. Kai Personality Analysis. I must admit, Kai actually took a little while to grow on me when I first found out about EXO.

As a nonfan, basically all you see is the showy, sexy, extravagant, onstage Kai. Heyy guys what's up soo it's been a while since the last personality analysis I did and I don't if you have seen it but I have done Kai's Baekhyuns and Chen's personality and you should definitely check them out if you didn't.

CHANYEOL'S PERSONALITY ANALYSIS. Eleni. 36. 0 Also I'd like to mention that it was difficult for this time to describe an EXO'S member personality I don't know why but I hope I managed to show how unique and special is our Chanyeol and I hope you like it! ! he quickly rescues the situation before it gets awkward, and To a limited extent, I feel like Tao is probably the one that shows the most of his true personality. Of course, as people have pointed out, they do have a specific image they each need to uphold, so he can't of course show everything, but I feel like his personality in general is to say whatever is on his mind.

Lay is the sweetest, purest, grateful, most humble, most sincere, respectful and grounded guy Exo members personality analysis essay of all the members in EXO. It's impossible not to like him, he just has this really bright aura. Lay is such a kindhearted guy, he is really warm and caring. These qualities are really hard to find in a lot of people. Even though Luhan shows a happy personality on stage and camera, off stage, hes probably insecure and unhappy about many things.

Kris: Pre debut: He seems really mysterious and that he had an interesting life. EXO's surely lucky to have kyungie as memberlol) Sehun: " I'm just do a bit aegyo towards him Kyungsoo as a subject for my paper in Behaviour Measurement and Analysis class. EXO K D. O. And His Interesting Personality.

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