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Toomey proposes a theory called The FaceNegotiation Theory. Take a very simple thing like, for example, eye contact as face respect. Maybe in Western cultures, as in some Western European cultures, individuals prefer direct eye contact as a signal of attention and interpersonal respect; however, in some Asian cultures such as Thai The Face Negotiation Theory is established by Stella TingToomey, which discusses the way by which people with different cultures communicate and manage conflict.

In 1985, Stella Ting Toomey explains in her theory that disagreements and conflicts are usually brought about by identity management on the individualistic and collectivistic levels. Concisely, the face negotiation theory argues that, in all cultures, people try to maintain and negotiate face in all communication situations.

In addition, the concept of face becomes problematic especially in situations where there is uncertainty such as conflict or embarrassment circumstances (Littlejohn and Foss 191). FaceNegotiation Theory The cultural differences in the society shape the responses to conflicts in different societies. The theory holds up the idea of maintaining a face according to their cultures. Different aspects of the FaceNegotiation Theories Anxiety and uncertainty can result in conflict that brings discomfort.

According to TingToomeys facenegotiation theory, it is mainly based on individualism and collectivism (Ting Toomey, 2010). In addition to this, facenegotiation theory explains the cultural differences in communication. Face Work uses face strategies, verbal and nonverbal FaceNegotiation Theory Description Details Discipline Public Relations Assignment type: Essay Description FaceNegotiation Theory Introduction and Alignment This paper will focus on the FaceNegotiation Theory according to Stella TingToomey.

The FaceNegotiation theory suggests there are three goals that any conflict will revolve around; content, relational and identity, or rather, needs, interests or goals. More about The FaceNegotiation Theory and Stella TingToomey Essay.

Culture in Negotiation Communication Theory and Theory Application Example Essay 811 Words 4 Face Negotiation Theory seeks to explain and understand the dynamics of intercultural communication. People from individualistic cultures, including most Americans, and people from collectivistic cultures, such as Appalachia, use different ways to save face and resolve conflict. FACE negotiation requires knowledge& mindfulness Conclusion Today we discussed how Ting Toomey developed Face Negotiation Theory and explained the 7 theoretical assumptions associated with it.

We identified the key terms and concepts within the theory and shared with you some real life examples and applications of it.

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