Bringing a resume in for an interview

An interview cover letter is normally attached or sent with your resume. This type of letter can be sent before you know if you have an interview, sent while youre trying to get an interview or brought along during the interview. Bringing a pen and notepad shows you came to the interview prepared. Names of Contacts. Write down the name of the person you're interviewing with on your notepad.

It can be easy to forget a name, and you don't want to be embarrassed. Also bring the name of the person who arranged the interview, if it's a different person. While your cover letter isn't necessary at an interview, take it with you anyway. If you didn't compose a cover letter when you applied for the job, create one and take it with you to the interview. It might come in handy for any number of reasons.

To make sure that you, too, are prepared for what youre going into, heres a check list of what to take to an interview as well as what to leave behind, gleaned from recruiters, resume Bringing copies of your resume to an interview is essential. It makes you look professional and prepared. However, you don't want to carrying slouchy bags or bulky cases filled with makeup or too many extras, so think carefully about how you are going to package your resume stylishly before you walk in the door.

Use this part of the interview to your advantage. Ask smart questions to impress the hiring manager and to figure out if this place is a perfect fit for you. The career experts recommend having a The Resume's job is to get you an interview. That's it. Once you're in the interview, the only thing you need to bring is 100 of yourself. In some cases you may bring additional material a portfolio of work samples, details of past work that you can't share publicly, your plans for the role, etc.

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