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Short Essay on Environment. Category: Environment, Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On August 7, 2015 By Team Work. Environment. Emission of carbondioxide and other greenhouse gases should be reduced to save our environment from the threat of Global warming.

In the recent time there is a vast improvement in the field of technology and industrial areas. New factories is being builtup for development.

But simultaneously we are also damaging the environment and disturbing the cycle of ecosystem. Environmental Science has also helped establish a trend of public awareness towards the threats of climate change caused by environmental problems. We are now going to write an essay on one of the topics mentioned above so that you can understand how to research and put your piece together. Another suggestion is writing the pollution essay that highlights the consequences of pollution problems including the global warming effect, natural resources extinction, health problems of people and animals, the destruction of natural ecosystems, etc.

The essay may also describe the causes of the pollution problems. Journal# 2: Cole, 10 Major Threats to the Environment, WAE Part one: Summary According to the article, 10 Major Threats to the Environment by Jeremy Iggers (the author) discusses about global warming and 10 major threats to the environment and what we can do to minimize it.

Common topics in this essay: Employee Benefits Required By Law Environmental Scanning is the monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating of information from the external and internal environments to key people within the corporation. Global Threat or No Threat Essay 1446 Words 6 Pages.

the climate is due to increase of human activities by burning of the fossil fuels; the serious environmental threat as described by Ross Gelbspan, a Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist and author of The Heat Is On: The Climate Crisis. Below are examples of IELTS Environmental writing task 2 questions. Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world.

Some people think that this cannot be changed, while others believe actions can be taken to bring about a 570 Words Essay on pollution: the greatest threat to our life It is generally used for natural environment i.

e. land, water, air. Pollution makes the environment unfit for living. 585 Words Essay on when I First Took Part in a Debate; 1341 Words Essay on My Favorite Author (free to read) Advertisements: Guidelines. In this essay, it is arguable that the environmental protection is worth for fight due to the several reasons. Firstly, the environmental pollution is one of the main reasons why we should fight to protect environment.

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