Including temp agency on resume

However, if the staffing agency finds you the work and actually holds the contract with the" more impressive" company then that's a different situation. In that case I'd say that I was employed by the staffing agency (company A) and I worked at Company B, Company C, etc, for these times with these responsibilities.

How can the answer be improved? List the job title, first, if you only worked a single or longterm temporary assignment through the employment agency. Put the name of the staffing service in parentheses.

End with the dates of employment. Taking on temp gigs now and then can be great for your career. Maybe youre deliberately temping for a short period of time to try out a new industry, or maybe your shortterm job is paying the bills as youre searching for a fulltime position. How Do You List an Employment Agency on Your Resume? November 11th by admin 3 0 Many are turning to temporary positions to build Add the staffing agency as your employer.

In a temporary contract agreement, you are working on behalf of the staffing agency, not the company you are assigned to for the duration of the contract. To add temp job(s) to your resume, you will list the name of the staffing agency as your actual employer. Feb 25, 2011  I dont agree either. I have to change my resume, also I have a 1year gap. The best way to showcase your temp work on a resume is to put it under one umbrella especially if you have a few short term temp jobs, like me.

The temp jobs will go under the heading of Consulting with my name i. e.Jane Doe Consulting. You may be wondering whether temporary work should have a place on your resume. When job security is hard to come by and job openings are limited, employers are accepting that more applicants are keeping themselves current with temporary work rather than having a gap in employment. When including temporary work assignments on your resume, be sure to format them properly. You should include both the temporary agency the assignment was through, as well as the names of the companies you worked at.

However, in 2011, staffing agencies employed 2. 8 million people per day, according to a survey and news release by the American Staffing Association. For that entire year, 12.

9 million people sought assignments as temporary and contract workers. Temporary jobs have become the norm for many Americans, which can result in frequent updates to

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