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Put a P. S. in Your Cover Letter. Browse expert employment insight and advice to help advance your career. A P. S. on a cover letter attracts like a powerful magnet to metal shavings. Many people will skip the contents of the letter and read the P. S. first! Then they pop back to the top of the letter to find out what the writer has to say.

In a competitive job market, crafting the perfect cover letter is more important than ever. The letter creates a first impression and serves to prompt the reader to peruse your resume. There are small tricks that can help enhance your submission, such as adding a postscript. Though including a P. S. on your cover Add a P. S. to Your Cover Letter and Other Tactics to JumpStart a Stalled Job Search 0.

COVER LETTER P. S. Instead of focusing on you, your cover letters should concentrate on prospective employers and their needs. Example: Rather than Dear Deb: I read online that one should always have a P.

S. on a cover letteremail. If I do include a P. S. statement, what would I say? 5 Cover Letter Mistakes Youre Making& How to Avoid Them. Guest Expert February 25, 2011 Everything Else 1 Comment. Another mistake in a resume cover letter is not to include a P. S. Everyone reads the P. S. even though they do not carefully read the whole letter. Its your last chance to get the

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