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Pongo Resume combines resume writing services with online resume writing tools to give you the best of both worlds. You can request that a professional writer produces your resume from scratch, then use Pongo resume review online system to adapt and edit it for a variety of jobs. They also offer letter writing services and a few links to help you find work.

Changed their name from Ten Minute Resume to" Pongo" which is a downgrade in names. Not professional sounding at all. They also keep raising their rates and won't let you download any previously written info unless you pay them every month or buy a year of membership in advance. Pongo is a fairly easytouse resume builder that allows you to create a professionallooking resume.

This program has a variety of careerbuilding tools, such as a job search and video interview tips. Review of Pongo Resume When you are entry level in the job market and you are actively seeking a job, it helps to have a place such as Pongo Resume that will help you with every aspect of getting hired. Pongo has a quick and easy resume builder that gives you the tools, templates and phrases that will help you create professionally prepared resumes that lets you stand out and impress employers.

It provides a perfectly formatted resume, tips and phrases that will get you through with samples and great advice. Pongo aims to help jobseekers write professional resumes and covering letters. It does this by offering two key services: the first is a DIY resume tool, wherein you choose from set phrases, edit information, and create your resume.

Pongo Resume Review The Wrap Up In summary, PongoResume. com an excellent resume builder that offers a remarkable list of benefits beyond just the construction of your resume. You can get by on the cheap for just 14. 95 build a few resumes and cover letters, print all you need, and cancel the subscription within thirty days.

The suggestions Pongo made with sample sentence structure and keywords helped me create a short, tothepoint resume that got me the interview. Also, Pongo helped Pongo resume review create an exciting cover letter that expressed my ambition and desire to be the candidate for the job position without boring [the employer with" fluff" verbiage. If you're looking for an online resume builder, check out this Pongo Resume review. Get the facts about how to use an effective online resume builder.

An Online Resume Builder That Works Pongo Resume Review. Learn about an online resume builder that works well for a lot of situations in our Pongo Resume review. Blue Sky Resumes is a full service website for assistance with writing and maintaining a professional resume.

Blue Sky provides the user with a lot more than just a professionally written and designed resume.

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