Stitch time saves nine essay

Jun 30, 2011 A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE. This is oftrepeated proverb. Like all proverbs, it too aims at keeping people away from mistakes and their consequent results.

Someone has very aptly and wisely said that a stitch in time saves nine. It contains an invaluable piece of sane advice, which we constantly hear from our teachers in school and elders at home. This highly useful, didactic dictate applies to every field of activity. It implies that work done in time saves a [ A stitch in time saves nine Essay 2 (200 words) A stitch in time saves nine simply applies for any kind of physical damage or problem, social issues or misunderstanding in our relations with closed ones.

A stitch in time saves nine is a proverb that describes numerous kinds of reallife world examples. For example, an employee who works hard is instrumental in enabling an organization to be productive. Short Paragraph on A Stitch In Time Saves Nine Category: Blog On April 12, 2016 By Team Work. The proverb, a stitch in time saves nine highlights that prompt action should be taken to correct anything that goes wrong.

It is much easier to repair the damage at an early stage. If ignored, even small problem or difficulty may become A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Meaning. A stitch in time saves nine is that proverb means the action of everyone should be on time because time never will wait for us and.

If we will do our work at the fixed time, then time also saves our troubles, loss, and waste. There is no doubt that a stitch in time saves nine.

It means that man must do something at the very early stage. This proverb in its literal sense applies to holes in our clothes which may be easily mended at first, but, if they are left unmanned, grow bigger and bigger, until they cannot be repaired without a great deal of sewing. Once upon a time, there lived a man and his family.

One day, he woke up in the morning to find his son very sick. His wife told him that he should send the boy to

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