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W. Eugene Smith's" Country Doctor"a photo essay from the 1940s. Lots and lots of lessons on structuring a photo story in there. (life. time. com) submitted 4 years ago by gueorgui gueorgui. 12 comments; I would highly recommend looking at the photo essay in its original context on the pages of LIFE magazine. 'Country Doctor' was an instant classic when first published in LIFE in 1948, establishing W.

Eugene Smith as a master of the photo essay Jan 10, 2012 Revisiting 'Country Doctor, ' A 1948 Photo Essay: The Picture Show For the first time, you can see the complete original photo essay from Life magazine online. Country Doctor. W. Eugene Smith; 1948; Nowhere was this clearer than in his landmark photo essay Country Doctor. Smith spent 23 days with Dr. Ernest Ceriani in and around Kremmling, Colo.trailing the hardy physician through the ranching community of 2, 000 souls beneath the Rocky Mountains.

He watched him tend to William Eugene Smith (December 30, 1918 October 15, 1978) was an American photojournalist, who has been described as" perhaps the single most important American photographer in the development of the editorial photo essay. " His major photo essays include World War II photographs, the dedication of an American country doctor and a The life of a country doctor in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, a landmark photoessay A country doctor photo essay W.

Eugene Smith Country Doctor was an instant classic when first published, establishing Smith as a master of the uniquely commanding young art form of the photo essay, and solidifying his stature as one of the most passionate and influential photojournalists of the 20th century. The Country Doctor photo essay was an intimate portrait of life and death in the a small rural town of Kremmling, Colorado.

Ernest Ceriani was the doctor that Smith shadowed for 23 days, capturing the drama in everyday events in the small town. The article in LIFE, titled simply" Nurse Midwife, " that chronicled Callen's work and her unique role in her community is a companion piece, of sorts, to Smith's 1948 essay, " Country Doctor. " Country Doctor. W. Eugene Smith. W. Eugene Smith photographed this 1948 photographic essay for Life magazine.

The article begins: " The town of Kremmling Colorado, 115 miles west of Denver, contains 1, 000 people. Magnum Photos is a photographic cooperative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer

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