How to write a teaching dossier

Guide to Preparing a Dossier for Promotion or Tenure Page 2 GUIDE TO PREPARING A DOSSIER FOR PROMOTION OR TENURE include carefully assembled clinical and teaching portfolios, which in turn must This Guide to Preparing a Dossier for Promotion and Tenure will help.

It is How to prepare a teaching dossier. A teaching dossier is a professional document that provides evidence of your teaching beliefs, experiences and abilities. It is generally six to 12 pages long, plus appendices. It includes three types of A teaching dossier is a summary of an academics major teaching accomplishments and strengths. It is to an academics teaching what lists of publications, grants, and academic honours are to research.

The teaching dossier is Dec 07, 2016 How to Compile a Dossier on a Person. Learn the fundamentals of a teaching dossier. In addition to including compiled materials, you will need to write a statement of teaching philosophy. This is a 1 to 2page document that outlines your goals and values as an educator. For Teaching Faculty.

1. What is a dossier? When it comes time to write the dossier, you will have items ready to jog your memory and to include. Also, you should start writing the dossier well in advance of its due date. Writing it all a week or a weekend before it is due will probably result in a document you will be disappointed in Centre for Teaching Excellence Resources Teaching tips Professional development Creating a Teaching Dossier The teaching dossier can help you improve your teaching by allowing you to reflect upon your teaching philosophy, methods of teaching, and your students learning.

a writing sample, a personal statement, a statement of research interests, a statement of teaching interests, andor at least one chapter from your dissertation.

The career development center is available to review all aspects of your dossier with you when CAUT has prepared a Sample Teaching Dossier (PDF) which may be of assistance to members preparing files for review, promotion or tenure. Search for: The SFU Faculty Association is a memberdriven professional association and collective bargaining agent for faculty, librarians and other academic staff at the three campuses of Simon Fraser

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