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Oct 08, 2010  DURHAM, N. C. For nearly two weeks, many here on the Duke University campus had been aware of a certain senior thesis that a recent graduate wrote, apparently as a private joke, about her sexual exploits with 13 studentathletes. Then the Internet seized on it. The thesis, written as a 42page Power Point The Full Duke University" Fuck List" Thesis From A Former Female Student (UPDATE) Duke Players Incensed, Paranoid Over" Fuck List" The dudes are pissed.

The parents of the athletes are pissed. Karen Owen, the author of the faux thesis, grew up in Branford, Connecticut and graduated from Branford High School in 2006. She won a scholarship to attend Duke and was a very avid sports fan during her time there. Thesis: Athletes will smash a 7 all day long for fun Seriously; so her count is stated at 13 which means it is at least double that.

Given the fact she is an attention seeking whore; enough so to write a thesis about fucking Karen Owen made the 'unofficial senior thesis' on her sex life with athletes at Duke University in North Carolina and originally emailed it to three of her friends.

But the project spread to the university's entire 14, 000 student body and from there on to websites across the globe. CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reported on" The Early Show on Saturday Morning" that Karen Owen's mock thesis about" horizontal academics" liaisons with 13 Duke athletes.

Also, a 42page PowerPoint presentation that named names, published photos, and included details about drunken makeout sessions, such as hooking up This thesis examines the academic and athletic priorities of collegiate studentathletes, using Duke University as a case study.

Analyses of information collected through online surveys (N 151) and inperson interviews (N8) suggest that both nonrevenue athletes and revenue athletes value their academics more than athletics. Sep 30, 2010 My alma mater has a habit of getting into the news, especially for stories that involve Duke athletes and sex. The latest story is jawdropping even for the Blue Devils.

Karen Owen, a 2010 graduate, kept detailed notes on her sexual adventures with 13 members of Duke's lacrosse, baseball and tennis teams over the last four years. Oct 07, 2010  Duke University has found itself in the midst of another sex scandal stemming from a thesis written by a senior student by the name of Karen Owen. Theses and Dissertations As you prepare your final masters thesis or PhD dissertation, it is vital that you follow all of The Graduate Schools policies and procedures to ensure that the publication of your research adheres to Duke University guidelines.

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