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See where you can use Bloomberg Terminal skills. Jobs that list Bloomberg Terminal in qualifications and required skills. Database skills As a financial analyst, the ability to obtain and evaluate data to answer your client's problem is key. There is a huge range of databases utlized today, such as Bloomberg, Factset, Reuters, Merger Market, where investing some time learning the coding syntax can help save time and minimize errors in the long run. May 15, 2010 Bloomberg is something you really just need to log hours on to truly appreciate.

I sat on a terminal every day for my internship and absolutely love it. FactSet is great, but a lot of students don't get exposure to it at school. Reuters Plus is good also since a lot of places will have that along side or as an alternative to Bloomberg. Declutter Your Skills. If youre trying to reshape your rsum for a job search, one easy tactic is to declutter the skills section. As part of our latest ranking of business programs, Bloomberg asked 1, 251 job recruiters at 547 companies about the skills they want but cant findand which Bschools are doing the best job of turning out jobready graduates.

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