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Edmund Burke is widely regarded as the founder of the modern conservative ideology. Although he did not believe in adhering to abstract principles when governing, his body of work clearly showed that he valued tradition and stability above all else.

Thomas Paine vs. Edmund Burke Essay 854 Words Mar 26th, 2013 4 Pages Two men, both fighting for the same cause during the American Revolution took different sides in the French Revolution because of their political views.

Edmund Burke Feldman was an Alumni Foundation Distinguished University Professor of Art at the University of Georgia. He was an art educator as well as an art historian. Edmund Burke, Observations on a Late State of the Nation, in Edmund Burke, The Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke, vol. II: Party, Parliament, and the American Crisis (Oxford: Clarendon Edmund Burke ( ) was born to a Protestant father and a Catholic mother and was always tolerant of the other faith. It was customary in that period for the partners of a mixed marriage to rear boys in their father's faith, girls in that of their mother.

Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents (1770), Burke's first major political essay, was largely a defense of the necessity of political parties to channel oppositional thought, check the power and prerogatives of the Crown, and secure balanced legislation.

Edmund Burke But his views on religion get relatively little attention. This is a shame, because Burke has a lot to offer those concerned about matters of religion, morality, and politics in contemporary American life. Edmund Burke is acclaimed today as one of the originators of modern political conservatism.

In particular, his defence of the virtues of tradition and prejudice in Reflections on the Revolution in France is considered exemplary as a statement of conservative principles.

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