Describe a visit to a hospital essay

A hospital is not one of the nicest places that one is keen on visiting. But without a hospital in town life could sometimes become a nightmare, especially in times of an emergency. A hospital is linked to life saving services, which enables a person to recover from some serious injury or illness. 368 words essay on A Visit to a Hospital (free to read).

A hospital is not much of a place worth visiting. But sometimes circumstances force us to do so. It so happened with me last week. One of my friends had been admitted there. He had been suffering from some infection. The private doctors [ Last week I visited the City Hospital to see my cousin brother Vipul. He was knocked down by a scooter while coming from the school and crossing the road.

Nov 03, 2012  a visit to a hospital A VISIT TO A HOSPITAL Points: Introduction The view of the hospital Inquiry about friend Description of outdoor wards Description of indoor wards Special rooms Conclusion. But the hospital furniture is different from household furniture in many ways.

Each room is provided with different styles of beds. Surrounding of the building: The surroundings of the hospital are quite attractive, neat and clean. Unlike houses each ward has a garden in front of it. It adds to the beauty of the hospital. The wards are neat and clean. Free sample essay on a Visit to a Hospital. A visit to a hospital is a whole lot of experience in itself. During the last summer, one of my friends met with an accident and was admitted to hospital.

When I went to see him, I Essay, Paragraph or Speech on A Visit to a Hill Station Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay, Paragraph or When I entered the hospital through a big hall I found that there were a large number of rooms on the left and the right. The rooms were neat and tidy and there were separate arrangements tor outdoor and indoor patients. In the corridors of the hospital there was a great bustle and activity. Describe A Visit to A Hospital Essay in English: A visit to a hospital is a very painful experience.

Someone who is dear to you is either seriously ill or has met with an accident. He is in a state of complete helplessness.

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